Everyone knows that karaoke is a great way to relax in a large friendly company. There is no such person who would not try his hand at singing, and if the professional scene is not accessible to many, then karaoke is for everyone. For many years, our karaoke has been famous for the fact that with the help of modern and high-quality karaoke systems, we can easily achieve excellent sounding of our favorite songs and our own vocals. Given the ever-increasing demands of the market, we have been using one of the highest quality AST karaoke systems for a very long time. This company pays particular attention to improving technology and software. For amateurs and professionals, AST System provides the latest professional karaoke solutions.

The repertoire is constantly updated and includes more than 50,000 songs. Excellent sound from the professional Bose sound systems, coupled with our interior, will allow you to immerse yourself in the best atmosphere. Do not believe? Our microphones are waiting for you! "WELCOME, SEE YOU TOMORROW!"