Livebar Rooms is not just a bar. This project is the second project in Bishkek and the third object, the existing network of LB Group in the country. To implement the project took about 6 years after the discovery Livebar # 1 on the street. Kulatova. Rooms represents the epitome of what is necessary in the opinion of the creators of our city at this stage of its development.
We hope that guests will appreciate the interior and the atmosphere in the institution, which "hatched" and "polished" the last two years and implemented in the last 7 months before the opening of the project. We do not advocate widespread advertising in the vast city of its existence and the opening of a project like LB Rooms. Evaluation of each unique visitor is important to us and we try to answer the expectations of everyone, but we assume that it is an objective assessment of the majority of guests will be revealing to us as well as for society, using our services.
As they say - time will tell. We will be glad to see you all guests of our project. We want to welcome new guests - WELCOME - and - SEE YOU TOMORROW!