LiveBar - it is an organic combination of the refined interior, cozy lighting design and a professional concert sound. Here you can drown in couches and plunge into the world unforgettably wonderful holiday.

LiveBar Karaoke addressed to lovers of public singing by professional accompaniment and unites people who love to sing and show their talent in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. After karaoke - it amusing pastime, lets you feel like a star and sing for fun.
Professional karaoke equipment new generation of AST-100 allows you to achieve the maximum quality in the performance of the songs. We offer a choice between retro microphone AMG and Concert Microphones AKG. An experienced sound engineer to adjust sound in the hall so that all guests will delight in your vocal abilities. The repertoire is constantly updated and includes more than 30,000 songs.
Gorgeous interior Live Bar with lots of original details give each visitor a feeling of comfort and tune in to a creative twist. Ensure the "surge" of creative energy will also help exclusive card drinks with rich list of wines and cocktails, as well as Wi-Fi and rich hookah menu.